Our goal is to re-ignite the internet-based technology sector in the Buffalo area.

We are a technology incubator that allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to build technology businesses within an accelerator environment. We provide valuable support across a wide range of functions.

Z80 Labs will invite entrepreneurs and startups from WNY, Southern Ontario, the Southern Tier, Rochester, Syracuse, and all areas of Upstate NY to be a part of our program in downtown Buffalo. We welcome entrepreneurs to participate in the new opportunities offered by the internet based world in building a new economy for the Buffalo and WNY areas.

In addition, we'll allow Life Sciences, GreenTech and SaaS companies to be part of the incubator, should they have a local sponsor and meet the other criteria for acceptance in our facility.

Z80 Labs is funded by SCP Management and Softbank Capital. Additional funding for investment in startups will be provided by SCP Buffalo Incubator LP, who was awarded $5.2 million from the Innovate NY grant. Corporate support in services and personnel will be provided by The Buffalo News, Synacor, HP, Campus Labs, PC Business Solutions, Creo451° and Hover Networks.

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