Turbulent Energy


Turbulent Energy has developed revolutionary technology in the form of a portfolio of devices for the mixing, separation and the homogenization of liquids with liquids, liquids with gasses and gasses with gasses. The devices have no moving parts and all mixing is accomplished dynamically using a unique internal geometry. They require no additional chemicals or emulsifiers and the desired action is accomplished in fractions of a second. They are easily and inexpensively manufactured in materials including a variety metals and plastics (depending on application) by conventional CNC and other machining technologies. Utilizing the well-known physics principals of Bernoulli, Ranque-Hilsch and Joule-Thomson and a minimum of energy, the unique, patented geometry of the homogenization devices break the input materials to the low micro to the nano scale and create intense, high speed collisions in its vortex chamber where the input materials are combined into a single form, nano-scale homogenized mixture. This mixing technology may be applied to a wide variety of mixing applications including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, agricultural, water treatment and purification and hybrid fuels.

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