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Z80 Labs Is Offering A Communications/Marketing Internship

fredwilson-z80This is an unpaid, for academic credits internship.

We are seeking an intern at Z80 Labs that will be working on three initiatives: our monthly ‘fireside chat’ speaker series, produce a website that will serve as “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Buffalo Tech”, and an initiative to develop an infographic map titled “Buffalo is for Startups”. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in pursuing a career at a startup.

z80-logoResponsibilities include:

  • Fireside Chat Speaker Series:
    • Scheduling successful entrepreneurs as speakers for a monthly ‘fireside chat’ series.
    • Researching the speaker’s history/background and prepare questions for the interviewer to use during the fireside chat.
    • Promoting the events to the external tech/business community and local press.
    • Working alongside videographer to ensure proper production.
    • Coordinating venue, which will be at various venues around Buffalo.
    • Coordinating travel arrangements for any speakers that are brought into town.
    • Coordinating food arrangements when food is supplied.
    • Coordinating nametags for attendees.
    • Coordinating and recruiting any volunteers that may help with events.
    • Setting up the event on Eventbrite to coordinate attendee list.
    • Posting on our website’s blog about the speaker. Posting to our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • saccaBuffalo Tech Guide website & ‘Buffalo is for Startups’ infographic map:
    • Create an outline of what resource areas to include, based on
    • Gather a list of local resources for “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Buffalo Tech”.
    • Working alongside web designer to ensure proper execution of website.
    • Create an outline of what highlights/facts of the Buffalo-Niagara region to include in the “Buffalo is for Startups” infographic map.
    • Working alongside illustrator to ensure proper execution of infographic map.
    • Coordinate a meeting of several members of the local tech/startup community to field ideas and input throughout the development of these initiatives.
    • Marketing these completed projects to the local tech and business community to encourage promotion. Posting on our website’s blog and posting to our social media accounts.



  • Willingness to take initiative and offer perspectives on how to increase outreach and engage viewers
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Ability to research and fact-check content.
  • Flexibility and a good sense of humor
  • Professionalism

NJP_9984This internship is eligible for school credits. This is an unpaid internship. College credit is offered if desired; intern is responsible for obtaining necessary approvals from their university. Intern will be responsible for all transportation costs and personal health insurance. Graduate and post-graduate students may also apply.

You will be collaborating closely with the Managing Director. All assignments add value to our community, our company and to your development as a professional in the field. An internship with us will allow you to network with a lot of people working at startups from the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus Innovation Center where Z80 Labs, 43North, and d!g are headquartered. We are looking for assertive, energetic and creative people to join our team! Send a cover letter and resume to